Terpene Profile

Guava Cake is potent in the terps; Caryophyllene; a spicy terp found in black pepper and cinnamon with earthy notes and is known for its anti-anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia effects, Limonene; a citrus terp found in citrus fruits and is known for its anti-depressant effects, and Humulene; a terp found in hops that contains earthy, woody and spicy notes and is known to be anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory and a pain relief. 

  • 1. Type

    Hybrid | Outdoor flower

  • 2. Percentage THC

    THC: 33.62%, CBD: 0.075%, Total Cannabinoids: 34.95%

  • 3. Genetics

    Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Strain back crossed 2x X Guava