Nevada county, CA

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    Sun grown product using natural and organic farming methods.

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    We grow our product in the native soil, accentuated with our own nutrients.

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    Producing the finest flower with positive environmental impacts.

sanctuary farms

About Sanctuary Farms

Founded in 2016, Sanctuary Farms, LLC began as a small farm and landscaping company with fruit trees, seasonal vegetable gardens, and proposition 215 supported legacy cannabis production. With a focus on all natural and organic farming practices, we have always sought to produce the finest products with positive environmental impacts. Upon California legalization, Sanctuary Farms entered the licensed cannabis cultivation arena and now operates two outdoor cultivation sites plus a nursery site in Nevada county, as well as a mixed light cultivation site in Mendocino county.

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2024 Embarc Stores EXCLUSIVE

Purple Chewy

Sanctuary Farms Purple Chewy: An Uncommon Blend of Purple Sierra and NY Sour Diesel This hybrid strain boasts a classic pine aroma with a strong diesel flavor, almost like gasoline. It's characterized by a sweet classic purp undertone with a hint of tanginess at the finish. The herbaceous smoke balances out the flavor profile. Despite being Sativa Dominant, the relaxing yet euphoric effects make it a unique choice for any occasion. This is an exclusive Sanctuary Farm cultivar.

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1st Place Winner at Emerald Cup ‘23


Sanctuary Farms’ Blunicorn is a balanced hybrid strain made from the genetic cross of Unicorn Poop and Blue Sherbert. Our Blunicorn has a complex terpene profile that starts with a pungent cheesy, earthy funk but has a fruity bright blueberry tint at the end. With over 5% Terpenes our Blunicorn won 1st place for highest terpene content and 5th place outdoor flower!

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